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August 14, 2011 / jessk8rado

First post

New to this.
I really like the whole brainstorming ideas thing that is in the how to pages – about having a strong idea/theme and then building the blog around that. I really like that idea. Am I going to do it? Probably not. It will remain one of many good ideas I like but inevitably run out of time to do properly.
So what will I blog about? I’m not entirely sure. I would probably know if I had done the cool mindmapping idea. But I’m saving that for later (uhhuh).
I don’t really know much about blogging. I haven’t read many. In fact the only one I read regularly is my cousin Lucy’s (she’s very cool and clever) and an old mate from school, Sheida’s (he’s very cool and clever too).
Being a bit short on coolness and cleverness I figure I’ll probably do it Jess styles (random stream of conciousness, a fair bit of copying, some more randomness … And we’ll see what else).
So I figure main content will be:
– my kids and family.
– a bit about the joys of blending families and a bit about the hellish parts of blending families.
– food and cakes :).
– more about kids – and generally how cool they are.
– maybe a bit about some other stuff.
Au revoir


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